Vegan studies is an emerging field of research, which is about understanding the vegan phenomenon, from its first manifestations until the present time, and explores what is at stake with it theologically, morally, anthropologically, socially, or psychologically.

Vegan studies constitutes a realm both narrower and broader than animal studies. Narrower, because it focuses on the way human beings behave towards animals, in particular those we fish, hunt, breed, use, slaughter, and eat (in that sense, vegan studies intersect partly with critical animal studies). Broader, because vegan studies encompasses other fields, namely environmental studies and nutrition, which play an important role in the way veganism has been perceived, promoted, or criticized in the last few decades and today.

Since 2015, Vegan Studies UCSB has pioneered the development of this field, which is all the more relevant as veganism represents a rapidly-growing movement not only in the West, but throughout the entire world.

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