SESSION 1 - APRIL 4 - Introduction. What is veganism?
A diet, a way of life, a social and political movement?

SESSION 2 - APRIL 6 - Are We Meant to Be Meat-Eaters?
Humankind, animals, hunting and agriculture

SESSION 3 - APRIL 11 - Carnism and Speciesism: The Psychology of Meat Eating
An invisible ideology: the 3 N’s of justification (natural, normal, necessary)

SESSION 4 - APRIL 13 - Carnism and Speciesism: Denial and Conformity
A sociological approach to eating animals and animal products

SESSION 5 - APRIL 18 - Carnism and Speciesism: A European Tradition
Anthropocentrism: a western way to see the world

SESSION 6 - APRIL 20 - History of Veganism, Carnism and Animal Ethics (Part I: Antiquity)
Pythagoras, Theophrastus, Plutarch, and Porphyry: founders of animal ethics

SESSION 7 - APRIL 25 - History of Veganism, Carnism and Animal Ethics (Part II: Judaism and Christianity)
Tza'ar ba'alei chayim and Christian charity.

SESSION 8 - APRIL 27 - Do Animals Have Rights? Utilitarianism and Deontologism
Peter Singer, Tom Regan, and Gary Francione

SESSION 9 - MAY 2 - Do Animals Have Rights? Care Ethics and Ecofeminism
Carol Gilligan, Carol J. Adams, and Marti Kheel (Take-home midterm due on Gauchospace)

SESSION 10 - MAY 4 - Lecture and Q&A with Dr. Neal Barnard
Special Introduction by Kathy Freston and after-lecture vegan buffet courtesy of Hungry Planet

SESSION 11 - MAY 9- The Standard American Diet and Its Ecological Impact
A presentation by Professor David Cleveland (UCSB)

SESSION 12 - MAY 11 - Veganism and Environmental Ethics
Pathocentrism vs. Ecocentrism (Paper proposal due on Gauchospace)

SESSION 13 - MAY 16 - Animals and Non Violence in South Asian Religious Traditions
A presentation by Jonathan Dickstein (PhD student - UCSB)

SESSION 14 - MAY 18 - Is Veganism “For Girls?”
Patriarchy, sexism and the culture of meat

SESSION 15 - MAY 23 - Why Are Vegans So Annoying?
Today’s perception of vegans and veganism

SESSION 16 - MAY 25 - Veganomics: How Veganism is Shaping the Future of Food?
A presentation by Miyoko Schinner, CEO of Miyoko’s Kitchen

SESSION 17 - MAY 30 - Why Do Vegans Hate Humans So Much?
Veganism, ecology, and the rise of anti-humanism

SESSION 18 - JUNE 1 - Is Veganism Utopic?
What would a vegan world look like?

SESSION 19 - JUNE 6 - NFL Player David Carter, AKA The 300 lb Vegan
Final version of writing project due on paper form by June 9

SESSION 20 - JUNE 8 - Conclusion/Review for final examination
Exam Week Final examination: Thursday, June 15, 4:00-7:00pm

SPECIAL EVENT - OCTOBER 19 - Eminent Vegan Physician: Dr. Michael Klaper